Educational Materials

Thank you for your interest in receiving educational materials to support your tobacco-free efforts. Depending on availability, materials may be available at no cost to tobacco-free advocates currently working on tobacco prevention and cessation efforts with:

  • Youth in California
  • California Colleges, Universities, and Vocational Schools
  • California Military Communities (Active Duty and Veterans)

Many materials are also available at low or no cost through the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC) or the California Smokers’ Helpline.

Material Request Forms

If you would like to request any of these materials for use in your tobacco prevention and cessation efforts, please complete the appropriate Educational Materials Request Form.  Completed request forms should be emailed to

Middle and High School-Age Youth Request Form
Colleges, Universities, and Vocational Schools Request Form
Military Communities (Active Duty and Veterans) Request Form

Available Materials

For reference, the item numbers next to images below correspond to the item numbers on the request form.


Switching Isn’t Quitting Poster (P1)
Cost of Tobacco Poster (P2)
Toxins in Tobacco Poster (P3)
Try (1 Cigarette) Poster (P4)
Try (3 Cigarettes) Poster (P5)
E-Cigarette- Blue Poster (P6)
E-Cigarette- Green Poster (P7)
Hookah Poster (P8)
E-Cigarettes – Asterisk Poster (P9)
E-Cigarettes – Addicts Poster (P10)
E-Cigarettes – Vapor Poster (P11)
Smokeless Tobacco Poster (P12)
Blunts Poster (P13)
Smokeless Tobacco Poster – Military Populations (MP1)**
Cigar Poster – Military Populations (MP2)**


Switching Isn’t Quitting Flyer (F1)
Try (1 Cigarette) Flyer (F2)
Try (3 Cigarettes) Flyer (F3)

Fact Cards

E-Cigarette- Blue Fact Card (FC1)
E-Cigarette- Green Fact Card (FC2)
Hookah Fact Card (FC3)
Smokeless Tobacco Fact Card (FC4)
Blunts Fact Card (FC5)
Environmental Waste Fact Card – College Campuses (FC6)
Smokeless Tobacco Fact Card – Military Populations (MFC1)**
Cigars Fact Card – Military Populations (MFC2)**

Post Cards

Switching Isn’t Quitting Post Card (PC1)
Cost of Tobacco Post Card (PC2)
Toxins in Tobacco Post Card (PC3)
Try (1 Cigarette) Post Card (PC4)
Try (3 Cigarettes) Post Card (PC5)
E-Cigarettes – Asterisk Post Card (PC6)
E-Cigarettes – Addicts Post Card (PC7)
E-Cigarettes – Vapor Post Card (PC8)
Marine Hugging Child Post Card (MPC1)**
Soldier Hugging Child Post Card (MPC2)**
Soldier with Child Post Card (MPC3)**
Family with Child Post Card (MPC4)**
Hiker over ocean Post Card (MPC5)**
Man Lifting Child Post Card (MPC6)**
Woman Lifting Child Post Card (MPC7)**
Man with Children on Skateboard Post Card (MPC8)**
Free Yourself Post Card (MPC9)**
Humvee Post Card (MPC10)**
Quit Tobacco Today Post Card (MPC11)**

Cessation Materials

Humvee Quit Card Front/ Back (C1)**
Quit Tobacco Today Quit Card Front/ Back (C2)

** These materials are only available for those working on tobacco prevention and cessation with California active duty service members and Veterans. 

Please contact with any questions or to request materials.