Tobacco & Hollywood Campaign

Smoke Free MoviesCYAN’s Tobacco and Hollywood Campaign is part of an international movement committed to reducing the devastating impact that tobacco use in movies has on youth.

The problem with tobacco use in films

  • Tobacco is the #1 cause of preventable death in the United States.
  • Between 1999-2008, tobacco was used in 63% of youth-rated (G, PG, PG-13) films. In 2010, a low of 30% of youth-rated films still had tobacco use. 2011 and 2012 showed a rebound to 49% in 2012.
  • Although tobacco rates have declined, there still is no industry wide policy on rating tobacco use in films. Those major studios with individual published policies have significantly lower tobacco use than those studios who do not.
  • Smoking in movies is estimated to influence 37% all new teen smokers to start, giving the tobacco industry an estimated 180,000 new customers each year.

The Four Solutions

CYAN’s Tobacco and Hollywood Campaign and the national Smoke Free Movies Campaign both endorse:

  • Rating movies that portray smoking “R.”
  • Requiring movies to be certified free of tobacco industry influence.
  • Requiring strong anti-tobacco advertisements before movies with smoking.
  • Stopping the identification of tobacco brands.

Want to get involved?

The Tobacco and Hollywood Campaign can connect you with materials, trainings, promotional items, and whatever else you might need to get active and join other advocates around California who care about getting tobacco out of youth-rated movies.  For more information, contact Kim Homer Vagadori at (916) 339-3424 x22 or