Suggested Reading

Youth Tobacco Use & Interventions

Suggested reading on youth tobacco use and interventions.

Young Adult Tobacco Use & Interventions

Suggested Reading on young adult tobacco use rates and patterns, tobacco use initiation, social smoking, messaging for young adults, and other factors that influence young adult tobacco use.

New and Emerging Tobacco and Nicotine Products

Suggested reading on new and emerging tobacco and nicotine products such as hookah, snus, cigars, e-cigarettes, and other products.

Tobacco Policy

Suggested reading on tobacco free policy, including policy adoption, implementation, and enforcement, as well as tobacco-free workplaces.

Tobacco Cessation

Suggested reading on quitting tobacco, including youth cessation, young adult cessation, interventions, phone and internet resources, pharmacotherapy for tobacco cessation, and cessation information or specific populations.

Tobacco and the Environment

Suggested reading on the impact of tobacco on the environment, including secondhand smoke, thirdhand smoke, and tobacco-related waste.

Tobacco & Other Substances

Suggested reading on tobacco and other substance use, including, alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.

Tobacco Industry Activities

Information and research on tobacco industry strategies and activities.