Tobacco-Free Policy Compliance Training

As campuses try different approaches to increase tobacco-free policy compliance, the Online Policy Compliance Training is meant for campuses that would like a way to reprimand policy violators, but do not wish to fine them.  When a person is found using tobacco on campus, they would be required to take the Online Policy Compliance Training and then turn in their quiz to student health or other appropriate department to get credit for taking the training.

Implement the Training on Your Campus:

Implementation details will be decided on a campus by campus basis.  Some campuses may choose to partner with their police, others may have volunteers or policy ambassadors.  Please let us know who your enforcer is and how your campus plans to conduct follow-up with those who have violated the policy.  We are still learning the best ways to make this work and can learn a lot from your lessons and stories.

You have three options to start using the Online Policy Compliance Training on your campus:

#1 Use the system-wide webpage (links below);
#2 Get a customized webpage with the Violator’s Training, quiz, and your campus cessation services information.  We can create that for you, just let us know. Or…
#3 Embed a video of the training into a webpage on your site.  We can send you instructions for how to do this.

Please contact Katie if you would like to begin using the Policy Compliance Training: Phone: (916) 339-3424 x25, Email:

We are creating versions of the Online Training for the three California College systems.

University of California

The quiz and training can both be found on the UC Policy Compliance Training webpage.

California State University

This training will be available in the coming months.  We will notify our partners by email when this version is ready – so be sure to sign up for our newsletter here!

California Community College

The quiz and training can both be found on the CCC Policy Compliance Training webpage.

The Quiz

The policy violator will be required to fill out and turn in a quiz to the appropriate department (e.g. Student Health, Human Resources, etc.) in order to get credit for taking the training.

Let Us Know!

Please call or email anytime with your thoughts and questions about the Online Policy Compliance Training.

Katie Moose, M.A. College Program Coordinator, Phone: (916) 339-3424 x25, Email