Great American Smokeout (GAS)

Each year, CYAN supports Great American Smokeout (GAS) events on college campuses to increase awareness of tobacco-related issues on campus as well as to promote cessation services. On the Great American Smokeout, we ask that people quit tobacco for the day (or longer!).

When is the Great American Smokeout?

The Great American Smokeout is traditionally held on the third Thursday of November; however, your campus might choose to plan the event on a different day to accommodate your campus calendar.

The next Great American Smokeout will be held on
November 16, 2017


Registration will open October, 2017.

Who can request support from CYAN for this event?

CYAN is able to support GAS events and activities on college and university campuses in California. If you are a tobacco prevention advocate and you work with, work on, or attend a college or university campus in California, CYAN is able to support your tobacco-free GAS event.

What does CYAN offer, and how do we get materials?

Turnkey Kit

In addition to support of campus GAS events with ads and materials, CYAN is pleased to provide an Event Turnkey Kit which offers event and cessation program ideas and resources.

Quit Kits and Ad Placement

We provide participating California colleges with pre-assembled quit kits to distribute on campus. These kits contain items and information to support a person who uses tobacco in making a quit attempt. These materials encourage behavior change and participation in GAS activities.

CYAN will place electronic media (Facebook ads) for campuses to promote tobacco cessation. Electronic copies of our ads are available for use on health center websites, campus information screens, and online student newspapers. These ads can be customized for your campus.

Educational Materials

Posters, flyers, and post cards, and other educational materials are available year-round to promote cessation on your campus. If you would like these additional materials for your Great American Smokeout event, you can view materials, get additional information, and order materials now and throughout the year.

If you would like to request educational materials to from the California Smokers’ Helpline, visit here. You can request materials directly from the Helpline. The California Smokers’ Helpline provides free support for individuals in California to quit tobacco. For more information about the helpline, please visit