CYAN’s College Program has the following resources available:

Educational Materials

CYAN has created a number of print materials for the college audience.  These materials focus on increasing quit attempts among college students and preventing initiation.

Flyers, Posters, and Post Cards
Cost of Tobacco 
Stick Out 
Switching Isn’t Quitting

Toxins in Tobacco
Try (1 Cigarette) 
Try (3 Cigarettes) 

CYAN is pleased to provide California college campuses with print educational materials to support tobacco-free policy and cessation initiatives.  To view additional materials available through CYAN, please visit our Educational Materials page.

For more materials not available through CYAN, please visit This website includes signage, posters, post cards, and downloaded materials created by California tobacco control projects.

Fact Sheets and Toolkits

CYAN’s college publications range from materials to assist you in developing tobacco-free advocacy campaigns to guides with information on college-specific cessation resources.

Fact Sheets
AB 795 Overview (Policy Enforcement)
Common Acronyms in Tobacco Cessation
Tobacco Free Policy Rationale

College Organizing Guide: Policy Solutions for Tobacco-Related Problems on Campus
Global Tobacco Guidebook: Ideas for Campus Action
Taking Tobacco Out of Higher Education: A Tobacco-Free Policy Toolkit
Tobacco Cessation Toolkit for Those Working with College Students

Additional Resources

Looking for additional resources?  We also have materials on new and emerging tobacco products, lists of published literature on topics related to youth and young adults, and program-specific resources available on our organizational Resource page.