College Trainings

CYAN’s College Project is able to provide trainings to advocates working with a college or university on a variety of tobacco-related topics.  If you are interested in CYAN facilitating a training for your group or organization, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We providing trainings on an assortment of topics including but not limited to the topics listed below.

Trainings We Provide

We provide an assortment of trainings for individuals working on college tobacco issues. We customize each training to accommodate the unique needs of your group. General training topics include:

  • Policy Adoption, Implementation, and Enforcement
  • College Tobacco Cessation
  • Young Adult Tobacco Use
  • Working with Colleges and Universities on Tobacco Issues

Online Trainings

Student Veterans and Tobacco Cessation
A webinar series designed for college health professionals interested in providing tobacco cessation services to Student Veterans.

COUGH Cessation Student Advocates Training
An online, self-paced training series of six webinar, approximately 30 minutes each.  This training series was developed for college students who are interested in learning more about how they can help improve tobacco cessation services on their campus and act as a tobacco cessation advocate.

Upcoming and Archived Webinars and Trainings

Check out our new Website: for all upcoming and archived webinars and trainings.