COUGH Cessation Student Advocates Training Series

Thank you for your interest in the COUGH Cessation Student Advocates Training. This training series was developed for college students who are interested in learning more about how they can help improve tobacco cessation services on their campus, and act as a tobacco cessation advocate.

About the Training

This training is offered online, in a self-paced series of six webinars, approximately 30 minutes each. A certificate of completion will be issued to individuals who view each webinar, and complete the corresponding evaluations. Each session and it’s corresponding assessment is available below.


Session 1 Presentation
Session 1 Evaluation
Overview of CYAN, COUGH, and this training; tobacco use rates; health disparities; non-daily tobacco use; and social norms.

Session 2 Presentation
Session 2 Evaluation
New and Emerging Tobacco and Products.

Session 3 Presentation
Session 3 Evaluation
Nicotine and addiction, symptoms of withdrawal, types of exposure to tobacco, health effects of tobacco use, and healing from tobacco use. 

Session 4 Presentation
Session 4 Evaluation
Best practices for tobacco cessation, brief intervention, Stages of Change model, triggers, quit tips, and slips and relapse. 

Session 5 Presentation
Session 5 Evaluation
Motivational Interviewing: Core concepts, OARS, 5 R’s, importance and confidence scale, example demonstrations. 

Session 6 Presentation
Session 6 Evaluation
Campus cessation services, outreach, quit kits, educational materials, litter cleanups, policy advocacy.