Youth Quest 2018

Youth Quest is an annual event hosted by CYAN to celebrate and promote youth advocacy in tobacco control. Youth Quest provides an opportunity for youth advocates to demonstrate their commitment to a tobacco-free California, learn about current tobacco control efforts, and build their advocacy skills by sharing their local work with legislators.

Event Details

Youth Quest is scheduled for March 19, 2018.   The event will be held in Sacramento, CA from 8:00am – 2:00pm.  A tentative event schedule is available here. The theme of the 2018 event is “A Healthy Nation Starts with a Tobacco-Free California: A Healthy California Starts with Tobacco-Free You(th).” The focus of the youth training, press conference, and meetings with legislators will be how tobacco impacts youth with an emphasis on tobacco and social justice. Additionally, the event will emphasize the power of youth to advocate for change.


Approximately 250 youth and their adult partners can participate in this year’s event.  Youth Quest 2018 is geared towards high school-age students.

Legislative Visits

A major component of this year’s event will be legislative visits.  All participants are required to visit a legislator to provide information and education on local, community-based tobacco-free activities.  CYAN will schedule all legislative visits.  Due to the number of individuals who can fit in legislative offices, a local project may bring no more than 10 youth to each visit.

Additional Questions

For more detailed information on the event, visit the Youth Quest Frequently Asked Questions.   Or, please feel free to contact Nicole Morgan at or 916-339-3424 x24.