What it’s like to be on CYAN’s Youth Board of Directors?

See for yourself in this video created by a 2012-2013 Board Member!

What does CYAN’s Youth Board of Directors (YBOD) do?
• Empower California teens to fight big tobacco.
• Work closely with CYAN staff to provide direction for California’s statewide youth tobacco control campaigns.
• Plan statewide activities, days of action, and trainings.
• Represent CYAN at various conferences and events.
• Have the opportunity to facilitate workshops at these conferences, trainings, and events.
• Educating California teens about tobacco issues that are important to youth.

What will I get from this experience?
• Develop leadership skills.
• Sharpen public speaking, and communication skills.
• Increase knowledge of current tobacco issues.
• Network with other teen advocates from around the state.

What is the commitment to CYAN?
• Attend frequent YBOD teleconferences.
• Attend in-person weekend YBOD meetings in Sacramento in August/September and March/April (expenses paid by CYAN), potentially more.
• Attend CYAN sponsored trainings and events (expenses paid by CYAN).
• Help plan statewide activities, campaigns, days of action, and trainings.
• Stay in constant communication with CYAN and other YBOD members via email, phone, and on the web.