CYAN Youth Program

Since 1997, CYAN has been empowering California’s youth to create positive change in local communities throughout the state. Teenagers in California have been active in addressing issues related to youth access to tobacco, negative effects of pro-tobacco messaging in films, reducing youth exposure to secondhand smoke, and raising awareness about tobacco industry manipulation.

Our Statewide Campaigns:

  • Mission: Possible – Working to reduce youth access to tobacco by involving youth in local tobacco retail licensing campaign and other point-of-sale tobacco issues.
  • Tobacco & Hollywood Campaign – Working to eliminate tobacco use from youth-rated films.

How We Can Help You:

Our program offers assistance with issues related to youth tobacco issues, youth advocacy skills, and youth and adult partnerships. Some of the services that we offer are:

CYAN also maintains a six-member Youth Board of Directors that provides insight to our organization’s statewide youth campaigns and helps plan and facilitate statewide events. The YBOD maintains the Chain Reaction Facebook page that connects California youth interested in tobacco advocacy with interesting news and opportunities.