Project UNIFORM Training Opportunities

Project UNIFORM offers many customizable trainings for anyone currently working with or interested in working with military communities. Please contact us for more information or to discuss upcoming opportunities.

Some of the trainings we offer:

  • Cultural Considerations for Working with Military Communities
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Military Communities
  • How to Approach Military Communities as a Civilian
  • History of Tobacco and the Military
  • Nicotine and the Brain
  • Tobacco Cessation Basics
  • An Overview of Pharmacological Aids in Tobacco Cessation
  • Components to Successful Tobacco Cessation
  • The How and What of Cloves
  • Hookah and the Military
  • The What and How of Bidis
  • Pipes and Cigars: A Military Perspective
  • “It may be smokeless, but it’s still gross.”: Dip in the Military
  • Snus Use by Service Members
  • Understanding the Unique Needs of Students in the Military