CYAN College Program

Since 1998, the CYAN College Program has been partnering with college students, faculty, staff, and tobacco control professionals to transform tobacco-related norms on college campuses.  Through training, education, and support, the College Program has been and continues to be successful in eliminating tobacco and tobacco industry presence in college communities.  The College Program is also responsible for coordinating the COUGH (Campuses Organized and United for Good Health) Coalition, a statewide movement working to promote tobacco-free college campuses throughout California.

How We Can Help You

CYAN coordinates statewide advocacy campaigns and supports local advocacy efforts on a variety of tobacco-related issues on college campuses.  In addition to organizing and supporting advocacy campaigns, we provide a variety of services to individuals, organizations, and coalitions working on tobacco issues at a college or university campus.  CYAN support local efforts through:

CYAN also tracks smoke-free and tobacco-free policies on California college campuses.  You can browse existing policies by school system as well as type of policy.  Additionally, a list of 100% smoke and tobacco-free national college policies and 100% smoke and tobacco-free California college policies is available.