Our Staff

Kimberlee Homer Vagadori

Project Director
(916) 339-3424 x22

Kimberlee Homer Vagadori is the Project Director for the California Youth Advocacy Network (CYAN).  In tobacco control for 13 years, she is a national expert on college tobacco-free policy, college advocacy, and tobacco industry sponsorship issues and has successfully coordinated systemwide policy initiatives in California.  Ms. Homer Vagadori also provides technical assistance and training to local, state, and national organizations on issues such as tobacco and the environment, emerging tobacco products, campus-based cessation services, and tobacco industry targeting of young adults.

Vicki Webster

Managing Director
(916) 339-3424 x27

The Managing Director and founder of CYAN, Vicki Webster has 21 years of tobacco control experience, working at the local, regional, and statewide level. Ms. Webster has been responsible for: developing and implementing a statewide 76-agency assessment on youth advocacy; coordinating local, regional, and statewide youth advocacy coalitions; organizing regional and statewide college and youth advocacy conferences, conducting trainings on youth and college advocacy throughout California and the nation; researching and creating educational materials; and managing every aspect of CYAN including budgets, personnel, subcontracts, consultants, progress reports, and evaluation.

Colleen Haydon

Military Program Manager
(916) 339-3424 x26

Colleen Haydon is the Program Manager for Project UNIFORM (Undoing Nicotine Influence From Our Respected Military) where she works to build collaborative bridges between existing military tobacco cessation services and those offered by the State of California. Ms. Haydon has been working in tobacco control since 2002 and has extensive experience in community organizing and young adult advocacy. In addition to managing the military project, she has worked with the CYAN in both the College Project and the Young Adults in Community Settings Program.

Beth Olagues

College Program Coordinator
(916) 339-3424 x25

Beth Olagues is the College Program Coordinator. She promotes tobacco cessation services at colleges and universities throughout California. In addition to working extensively in health education on college campuses, Ms. Olagues also served as a Health Education Instructor specializing in tobacco cessation at Kaiser Permanente. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science with an emphasis in Community Health Education from California State University, Sacramento and is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

Olivia Thomas

Youth Program Coordinator
(916) 339-3424 x28

Olivia Thomas works directly with youth advocates, CTCP-funded agencies, and other youth-serving organizations on the incorporation of youth into tobacco control programs.

Keely Hopkins

Program Consultant

Keely Hopkins is a Program Consultant for CYAN for the CA4Health Program that focuses on reducing chronic health disparities in California’s rural communities. As part of the CYAN team, Keely coordinates and facilitates youth engagement trainings and strategy sessions that support rural counties working on health policies, which includes reducing consumption of sugary beverages, increasing the availability of smoke-free housing, and creating safe routes to schools. Keely earned her Juris Doctorate from Willamette University College of Law, and her B.A. from Eastern Oregon University with a major in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Keely has a strong background in policy advocacy, youth engagement, and community organizing.