Advocating for a Tobacco-Free California

The California Youth Advocacy Network changes the tobacco use culture in California’s high schools, colleges and universities, military installations, and other youth and young adult communities by providing knowledge, skills, and tools to create local change for healthier communities.

News & Announcements

2017 California College and University Smoke/Tobacco-Free Policy Report Card

The 2017 Report Card has been released with positive news for California colleges and universities.  Since the release of the first Report Card in 2016, California has seen an increase in the number of public colleges with 100% smoke or tobacco-free policies from 38% to 51%.  More information and findings from the Report Card are available here.

Summer Webinar Series

Over the summer months, CYAN will be hosting two webinar series for those working with youth and young adults on tobacco issues.  Youth and Young Adult Tobacco Use Behavior, a two-part series, will explore how and why young people are using tobacco.  The second series, Youth Engagement, will discuss specific strategies for successfully engaging youth in tobacco control policy work.  More details about these webinars includes dates and registration information is available here.

Report from the Field: The Flavor Trap

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids recently released a report that documents how tobacco companies are luring youth with candy-flavored e-cigarettes and cigars, and how scientific evidence demonstrates that flavors play a critical role in the popularity and use of these products among youth.  You can read the full report here.

California’s Healthy Stores for a Healthy Community

In partnership with local county health departments, the California Department of Public Health released statewide data on tobacco sales in the retail environment.  Data collection activities were part of the Health Stores for a Health Community Campaign.  Findings reveal  approximately 82% of California retailers are selling flavored non-cigarette tobacco products, products commonly used by youth and young adults.  More statewide and local data can be found on the Campaign’s website.