2012 Local Successes

Highlights of local efforts in 2012



UC Irvine, 2012 Pause for a Cause Video Contest

Since 2008, students from UC Irvine have been invited to participate in the Pause for a Cause Video Contest.  The contest challenges students to develop a unique and creative video that demonstrates how destructive tobacco is to the environment and how tobacco use affects health.  The annual contest is co-sponsored by the UCI Health Education Center, Center for Service and Action, and START. Congratulations to UCI on another successful year of Pause for a Cause!


Excellent Tobacco Policy and Cessation Informational Webpages

What qualities contribute to a great informational page on college tobacco policy and cessation issues? Check out recommendations for what to include in your college tobacco webpage, and see examples of schools with strong and informative pages.


Fresno State Cigarette Butt Cleanup!

The American Lung Association of Fresno, with Fresno State volunteers held a cigarette butt litter cleanup on Saturday, September 22, 2012. In 1.5 hours, 15 volunteers collected over 4,000 butts.

Students displayed the cigarette butts in a large clear container in the library, and held a contest to see who could come closest to guessing the total number of butts in the container. They plan continue to use the data from event to support tobacco free advocacy on campus.

Their efforts were covered in a news story in the campus paper, The Collegian.

Great job, Fresno State!


An announcement from Chancellor Gene Block places UCLA as the first campus in the University of California system to adopt a tobacco free policy.

UCLA’s tobacco free policy came after a directive from the University of California Office of the President which stated that all University of California properties are to develop and adopt smoke free policies by January of 2014.

The University will celebrate the accomplishment this month during the Great American Smokeout, and plans to share the official policy language on November 15th. UCLA plans to formally implement the policy on Earth Day, April 22, 2013.

Congratulations, UCLA!


University of San Francisco Hires Fresh Air Marshals to Enforce Policy

Kamal Harb, Director of Health Promotion Services and his team at the University of San Francisco recently hired and trained 4 “Fresh Air Marshals” to educate on and promote the campus policy which limits smoking to designated areas. The idea for the Marshals came about in response to a challenge shared by many campuses; a lack of volunteers to enforce the policy.

The Marshals, wearing yellow USF vests and working in pairs will walk around campus and gently remind students of the policy. They will offer to guide students to a designated smoking area, and will carry lollipops and stop smoking cards to promote campus cessation services and the California Smokers’ Helpline.

The Marshals have been trained to operate in a friendly, non-confrontational manner, and do not expect serious conflicts, but they have been instructed to call campus public safety if an encounter escalates to an argument. Campus public safety has been briefed and is prepared to support them if needed.

The primary goal of the fresh air marshalls is to direct the smokers to the correct place on campus. This innovative program is still in it’s pilot phase, and will be assessed at regular intervals for effectiveness. The 4 Marshals will meet with representatives from Health Promotion Services to discuss program challenges and successes, and share experiences.

Learn more about the USF Smoke Free Policy Here.